Graphic Designer and Marketing Enthusiast

Mike Dove is a highly skilled graphic designer and marketing expert known for his creative prowess and unwavering passion for delivering top-notch design solutions. As the founder and owner of WEEKFISH Creative Graphic Design Company, Mike has carved out a niche for himself in the world of visual communication.

Business Ventures:

WEEKFISH Creative Graphic Design Company: Under Mike's visionary leadership, WEEKFISH Creative has become synonymous with innovative design solutions that captivate and engage audiences. The company's commitment to pushing creative boundaries and delivering results-driven designs sets it apart in the industry.

Tip Top Website:

Mike is an integral part of the Tip Top Website team, contributing his graphic design expertise to enhance web experiences and make brands stand out online.

Ambassador for Social Boost: Beyond design, Mike is also an ambassador for Social Boost, a testament to his deep understanding of the social media landscape. He leverages his expertise to help businesses boost their online presence and connect with their target audience effectively.

12X Marketer:

As the owner of 12X Marketer, Mike Dove harnesses the power of digital marketing to accelerate business growth. His strategic approach and eye-catching designs play a pivotal role in driving marketing campaigns to success.

Visionary Creative:

Mike is not just a graphic designer; he's a visionary creative who believes in the transformative power of design and marketing. His work is characterized by a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that every project he touches leaves a lasting impact.

Passion and Dedication:

With a specialization in the cigar industry, Mike Dove's work reflects his deep passion for the craft. His designs for cigar brands are a testament to his dedication to capturing the essence and tradition of this unique industry.

Connect with Mike:

Whether you're looking for graphic design solutions, marketing expertise, or insights into the world of cigars, Mike Dove is your go-to professional. Connect with him today and discover the magic he can bring to your projects.

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Canva Certified Creatives

Canva Certified Creatives

At the moment there are less than 200 of us around the world. What Canva is looking for is people with communities who are promoting Canva in some way – instructors and educators primarily. In my case, I’d been demonstrating Canva in my workshops since I joined back in Feb 2019.

Then in early 2020, I began running Canva-specific, half-day workshops across Zoom.

In these Canva training sessions, I would teach business and professionals how to make graphics and market their businesses using Canva.

So though I didn’t have a Canva “community” online (like the majority of my CCC cohorts), I was training hundreds of (maybe even 1000s) people each year how to use Canva.

Therefor I qualified in 2020.

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Mike hosts a charity golf every year around 9/11 benefiting many local non-profits.

Mike has served on many non-profit boards and loves to give back to his community.

Money raised for local charity’s the last 2 years $29,000.00


James Jude Courtney

"Star of Halloween"

James Jude Courtney

"Star of Halloween"

Very excited to announce starting in early 2024 Mike will be offering webinars!

  • Graphic Design *Includes a Pro Canva Membership
  • Social Media Posting | Marketing
  • Business Coaching

NYC Manhattan:

442 5th Avenue #2168, New York, NY 10018